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MillenniumDirect® Frequently Asked Questions


What is MillenniumDirect®?

MillenniumDirect is the distribution channel for VELCADE® (bortezomib) for Injection. It is a sole source open access drop ship model.


What is Integrated Commercialization Services (ICS)’s role in the distribution of VELCADE® (bortezomib) for Injection?

ICS will be the managing the ordering, distribution, shipment, and monitoring of VELCADE into the US oncology marketplace. They are also responsible for accounts receivables on VELCADE orders.


What is a drop ship model?

Wholesalers and distributors place orders on behalf of their customers and the product is then shipped directly to the end user such as a hospital or office-based practice.


What is a Ship-to customer?

Ship-to customers are recipients of VELCADE. They are also referred to as end-customers, and are generally hospital or office-based practices.


What is a Bill-to customer?

Bill-to customers place orders on behalf of the Ship-to customers. They are also invoiced by MillenniumDirect for the product shipped. Generally they are the wholesalers and distributors.



How will end customers order VELCADE under MillenniumDirect®?

All end-customers, such as hospitals or office-based practices, will order VELCADE through their normal wholesaler or distributor process.


How can wholesalers and distributors order VELCADE?

All wholesalers and distributors must have a MillenniumDirect® account to order VELCADE. Ordering methods include Internet, Fax, Phone and EDI.


If I am a distributor that would like to sell VELCADE how can I purchase the product?

New distributors and wholesalers can complete a business application found on  Copy of an applicable and valid license must accompany the application.


What is the order cut off time for same day processing?

Orders received by 6:00 PM CT are processed for same day shipping and will be delivered by 10:30 AM Local time the next day, excluding major holidays. Friday orders are delivered on Mondays.


What if my end-customer needs VELCADE earlier than next day 10:30 AM local time?

Expedited shipping can be arranged by calling 866.VELCADE, option 5. There will be a small surcharge on expedited shipments.


Can I place an emergency order after 7:00 PM CT for next day delivery?

Yes, emergency order can be accommodated. There will be a surcharge on all emergency orders.


Can VELCADE be shipped outside of the United States through MillenniumDirect®?

No. MillenniumDirect® only ships to the United States and its territories.


How do I add a new Ship-To customer?

Complete the “New Ship-To Form” found on and send via fax or mail with a copy of the applicable license to MillenniumDirect®.


How can I track an order and receive delivery confirmation?

Orders can be tracked through by logging into the website.



Customer Service

What are the customer service hours?

Customer service representatives are available to assist you between the hours of 7:30 AM and 7:00 PM CT Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.


How will returns be handled?

VELCADE has a limited return policy. Approved returns must be sent directly to MillenniumDirectsm for credit. Please call 1-866-VELCADE (1.866.835.2233), option 5 with return questions.




Who do customers contact for product complaints, adverse drug experiences, or if they need medical or any other information on VELCADE?

Customers should call 1-866-VELCADE, option 3, (1.866.835.2233) regarding such information and select the appropriate option.


Where can customers obtain reimbursement information on VELCADE?

Customers should call 1-866-VELCADE, option 2, (1.866.835.2233) regarding such information and select the appropriate option.

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